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“I started coming to see Dr. Corey five weeks ago, and I signed up for his program.  I came in with neuropathy, and it was very, very painful.  I had numbness, tingling.  My toes were cold.  My feet were numb.  I was told by my doctor that there was no cure for it, and that I would just have to live with it.  Well, I’ve been here five weeks, and I’ve never seen such improvement.  My neuropathy is at least 50% better.  I came in at 280 pounds.  I had never had a good diet.  I had never eaten properly.  I did the things that Dr. Corey set up for me. This morning, at five weeks, I’m down to 253 pounds.  I feel better.  I can walk better.  I breathe better.  I’m eating healthy for the first time in my life, and I’m looking forward to completing the program and getting down to the weight that I haven’t been in 25 years, which would 220.  My neuropathy is – I can walk.  I walked the golf course last week.  I walked 9 holes, and I couldn’t do that for several years.  I can ride my bike.  I’m still riding my motorcycle, now with less pain.  I feel great.  I’ve never felt like this since I retired in 1992.”

Steve K.

“I came to Dr. Corey principally because I was suffering from peripheral neuropathy, and we talked about a treatment and did a whole number of things that he suggested.  Over the course of time, it made just a tremendous difference in how my feet and legs feel that to the point now that I’m probably 90% better than I was when I first walked through the door.  The treatment has been great, certainly painless, and has done a great deal to enhance not only my ability to stand and keep my balance better, but also to walk and feel comfortable and pretty much feel as though I was back to where I was years ago before I started suffering from neuropathy, which I have had for probably 15 years.  So, I really do recommend, appreciate all the work that he’s done, and the kindness that he’s extended, and the easiness of what it was for the treatment.  I highly recommend that if you are suffering some of the same things I have experienced in my feet, that you talk with Dr. Corey and work with him.  I’m pretty confident you’re going to feel a lot different once you have taken the treatment.”

Don F.

“I came to him with neuropathy, and he treated my feet and now I do not have any – My feet are not burning anymore.  I have no problems walking, and even I used to have a problem sleeping because of my feet and now everything is taken care of and I can sleep at night.  It’s just because of Dr. Corey.”

Sigrid C.

“I had severe pain in my left leg, and I didn’t feel my feet, when I was walking.  Before seeing Dr. Corey I couldn’t walk very far.  Not even a half a block, and now I can walk a lot more than what I did before.   He has changed my life tremendously.  I also had a big bruise on my leg that wouldnt go away that everybody could see it.  I wouldn’t wear short pants or anything like that because – my goodness what do you got on your leg?  And now all of that has disappeared, Now my leg looks normal color.  Dr. Corey has changed my life.  He, at least, has added ten years to it.  I’m so happy that I met him, and I would like to share that you too, if you don’t feel good, need to come and see him.  He can change your life just like he did for me. ” Liana K.

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