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Essential Program


Essential Doctor Supervised, Patient Led Peripheral Neuropathy 3 Month Support Program:

1 On 1 Case Reviews with Dr. Corey
3 Month Unlimited Online Doctor Support
Home Therapy Rehabilitation Tools:

pH Tape

Basic Peripheral Neuropathy Support Supplements
Quick Start Paleo Diet eBook
Exclusive Program Manual
Peripheral Neuropathy Recovery Membership Site


Essential Doctor Supervised, Patient Led Peripheral Neuropathy 3 Month Support Program

What you will receive:

1 On 1 Case Reviews with Dr. Corey (2 sessions):

  • Dr. Corey will initially review any past health history, previous blood work, objective testing, prescriptions and supplements that you have provided to him to establish your initial base line for care.  He will make recommendations that will compliment your program to get you optimal results.
  • For the week 12 call you will review all progress you have made directly related to the program, Dr. Corey will make it easy to understand the additional aspects of your recovery by reviewing supplements, dietary review and offer recommendations that are directly related to what is needed to help you to continue to recover from your symptoms.

To further assist in the process, Dr. Corey will utilize the following forms:

Brain Health and Nutrition Assessment Form (BHNAF): With this form we can prioritize your brain health in 13 areas. With this information, we can assess priorities, make appropriate interventions, and see progress: Circulation, Sugar metabolism, Peripheral Utilization of sugar, Stress and the brain, Acids, Brain -gut axis, Brain-immune, Gluten Digestion, Intestinal Barrier, Serotonin, Dopamine, Catecholamines, Gaba

Metabolic Assessment Form (MAF): With this form, we can check your metabolic health in various different categories. This will prioritize and track key metabolic systems in the body:  Colon health, Intestinal Permeability, Chemical Tolerance, Stomach too low acid, Stomach too high acid, Pancreas, Small intestine, Biliary function, Hepatic detoxification, Sugar metabolism, Peripheral utilization of glucose, Adrenal health too low, Adrenal Health too high, Electrolyte and pH balance, Thyroid too low, Thyroid too high, Prostate health (males only), Andropause (males only), Menstruating health (women only), Menopausal health (women only).

3 Month Unlimited Online Doctor Support: Dr. Corey will be able to address your questions directly via email and his live online weekly group sessions.

Home Therapy Rehabilitation Tools:

  • Peripheral Neuropathy Rebuilder Treatment: Used to invigorate nerves & decreases inflammation & pain.
  • pH Tape: You will track your body’s pH on a daily basis. This will allow you to check your body’s acid/ alkaline status. By doing this daily you will ensure your body doesn’t deplete its own resources.

Peripheral Neuropathy Support Supplements: Dr. Corey will start you on supplements to start you on the path to healing.

Quick Start Paleo Diet eBook (Instant Download): It is designed to heal your gut and clear your way to better healing by changing the way you eat for life.  You will receive 6 weeks’ worth of meal planning, shopping lists and 77 pages of recipes to make changing your diet simple.

Peripheral Neuropathy Recovery Manual and access to the Exclusive Membership Site: The manual will include written directions, logs and references to make the program simple to follow and the membership site will demonstrate the use of equipment and helpful information to get the most benefit from your recovery journey efforts.

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